Timber Retaining Wall – Bulli Wollongong NSW

The Brief – Timber Retaining Wall

This steeply sloping site was between two houses and the client required a timber retaining wall to ensure no erosion or slippage.

The neighbour’s house was built at an angle to the boundary so with no side fence close by it made for a lot of second guessing and dead reckoning.

Access to the site was via a winding wooden stair case and decking with no way to use machines. Every material was carried in by hand.

The site had just recently been cleared of weeds and the client was a little worried about erosion and consequently wanted a retaining wall to stop any slippage.

The Build

All excavation had to be done by hand. Shovels and mattocks worked overtime on this job.

The wall was built using 200 x 75 mm treated pine with all posts concreted in for maximum strength. Posts were set between 1000 mm and 1400 mm apart.

The wall was stepped down to accommodate the progressive slope of the site with a return built on the lowest end.

75 mm sleepers were used to reduce the possibility of twisting and warping.

100 mm socked ag pipe was installed and covered with blue metal. All the materials were carried, by bucket, down a steep and meandering narrow staircase.

We back filled the trench and shaped the remaining slope to an easier gradient.

The Result

The client and next door neighbour were very happy with the result and the area is now usable and can be planted out and mulched.

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